Boundary Surveying

Boundary surveying has and will always be a mainstay of the services offered by CSM. From a simple cutout, a family partition or a commercial development, CSM will be attentive to the details.

A Boundary Survey is where we physically measure the property corners of the subject tract to determine location of boundary by either finding the original corners or setting new monumentation. This is also where we calculate acreage and provide a legal description for the subject tract that will identify the tract to the public. An Improvement Survey adds to the boundary the improvements to the property. It would include things such as the house, pool, outbuildings, and drives. Basically anything that adds value to your property.

Property line disputes, determining setbacks for new construction or just needing to know where your property begins and ends, a boundary survey is what you will need. Our map will show buildings, walls, fences, utilities and all other significant features within five feet of your property lines. We can show features along all or just one property line, according to your needs. We can also set survey markers on your property corners and file a Record of Survey with the city.

The requirements for boundary surveys and recording are clearly defined Registration of Title to Land/Determined Boundaries . We can provide you with on-site assistance in meeting the requirements for registration following site visit. We then combine site evidence with any existing plans to create exact and clear deed plans for you and your neighbors’ future reference.

Most surveying services provided by this company begin with a boundary survey.  Having an accurate survey avoids future liability for either the developer, or the individual land owner. The accurate boundary survey shows easements and encumbrances listed in the title and any new encroachments and overlaps that may encumber the property at a later date. We are not a title company but we have the experience and resources in house to do some deed research.

At CSM, all Boundary Surveys will always come with a plat. A Plat is a pictorial representation of the property. If requested, it will show the improvements to the property. This is usually what is needed when a bank or title company requests a survey during a property transaction. A Boundary Survey will always come with a set of field notes. Field Notes Involve a written description of the boundaries of the property. It is what is normally attached to the Deed by the title company when a property transaction takes place. We will be glad to send these to your title company electronically. However, if it is in a Platted Subdivision, there will be no field notes.

We typically certify our work to the standards outlined by the Society of Professional Surveyors. They are currently the highest quality survey standards in the State of Texas.

Most of our commercial surveys are certified to the ALTA/ACSM standards required by most out of state buyers and lenders.